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Accelerate the digitalization of your business with next-generation CRM and business applications. 

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There are numerous reasons in favor of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Dynamics 365 revolutionizes CRM by processing all types of data intelligently. The Power Platform revolutionizes business applications for the same reason. Instead of reactive business decisions, companies can now proactively gain insights to accelerate their business processes.
Dynamics 365 is the globally connected cloud for business, designed to help you better understand and strategically excel with your customers and your business.
The Power Platform is an integrated application platform that provides you with technologies and tools to increase efficiency and productivity.
By connecting data and applying AI, you enable your employees to make intelligent and efficient decisions that impact all areas of your business from marketing and sales to project management and order processing and customer service.
Increase sales productivity, customer satisfaction sales, customer acquisition, customer service and back-end operations.
The introduction of a CRM system goes hand in hand with the optimization of business processes. Of course, this means a certain amount of effort. But it is an effort that pays off in the long run.
Better decisions and transformative processes for revolutionary customer interactions.

Connected and integrated
product portfolio.

  • Sales for increased sales performance.
    Close more deals with sales and AI apps.
  • Customer Insights  for a personalized customer experience.
    A standardized 360-degree view of your customers with all the customer data collected from a wide range of sources.
  • Marketing for the perfect customer journeys.
    Drive customer demand with targeted marketing, productivity and AI apps.
  • Service for a personalized inquiry management on all channels.
    Exceed customer expectations with advanced service, AI and mixed reality apps.
  • Project Operations for accelerated project execution.
    Optimize your resource planning and utilization as well as team collaboration for a successful project management. 
  • Relationship Sales for building sales relationships with the right people.
    The combined solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for relationship-based sales.
  • Virtual Agent for automating your customer service.
    Support your service staff with a combination of Insight solutions and AI-driven chatbots.
  • Power Apps for advanced business applications.
    Professional solutions within a short period of time for a wide range of end devices.
  • Power Automate for automated workflows.
    Increase your productivity through intelligent workflows that seamlessly integrate with your existing system.
  • Power BI for sustainable business decisions.
    Powerful dashboards and reports with hundreds of data visualizations using a wide range of connectors to various data sources.

Do you have any questions regarding Dynamics 365?
Please contact me!

Mario Simandl
Managing partner


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