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Whether locally, in the cloud or on the road towards the cloud:
ace picks you up exactly where you are.


Business Apps.
For a digitized world without borders.


Based on many years of experience, we offer the design and technical implementation of specialized applications in a wide variety of areas, but especially in the public sector, the service sector and in the financial services sector.


We realize projects in which companies and individuals, clients and contractors work together on the basis of IT applications, which in individual cases can also have very complex processes stored, regardless of location. Information can be accessed online at any time and is directly available when needed (continuous digitalization of data, documents and processes).


It is also important that projects of this kind can be implemented quickly and efficiently - and that this is done using current technical standards and technologies as well as the highest level of integration.


It is inevitable that high requirements for access protection must be realized, especially since boundaries between internal systems and external applications are becoming less and less visible.

schnellere analysen

Core-components and building blocks.
For end-to-end digitization.

  • Customized entities, lists, forms
  • Configurable process engine, visual representation, automation of individual processes
  • Document generation including automated archiving
  • Word templates
  • Company/contact management, address management
  • GDPR
  • Activity management (timeline with appointments, tasks, emails, phone calls)
  • Dashboards (freely customizable)
  • Analyses (Excel/Lists, PowerBI, predefined reports)
  • Excel imports
  • Externally available portal connections with complete integration
  • Mapping of complex access rights
  • Device independence
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Outlook integration
  • Scan interface ()
ki portfolio

Example of specialized application.
Education platform

In our education platform, data and documents or processes for the administration of kindergartens, day nurseries and after-school care centers are made available to employees. This is particularly useful as there are many care facilities and many requests for care places by parents at different facilities. With the education platform you have an overview of all the requests and facilities helping you find the best place of care for each child.


The master data of 0 to 7 year old children are created and updated daily in the system via the central registration system where information such as birth and place of residence can be retrieved. 


Children can be registered by parents for care at different facilities. The childcare facilities use the platform to make final decisions and manage the data (exact scope of services, meals, etc) on those children who can be admitted and cared for in a given year.


Above all, the application can be used to check whether all children who are entitled to a childcare place have one (guaranteed place in the last year before school enrollment), but also, for example, double enrollment of children can be detected and corrected accordingly.


The relevant data is transferred to the operator's accounting department for the final billing of services.



Kindergarten management

  • Master data management for contacts/persons (children, parents, kindergartens/daycare centers)
  • Administration of kindergarten places, registrations/allocations, double registrations, claims for child care
  • Communication with contacts
  • Administration of services (meals, etc)
  • Service billing (including transfer to billing system)
  • Evaluations
  • Comparison with third-party systems (including central registration system)
  • Communication with interested parties/parents
  • Document creation and filing
  • Word templates
  • GDPR, security roles, access protection, encryption
  • Responsive design (browser, tablet, smartphone)
  • High level of configurability (attributes, forms, lists, relations, etc)

Example for specialized application.
Vaccination platform

The administration of vaccinations for citizens (states, cities or municipalities) is a typical specialized professional application for the public sector, the basis of which can be implemented very quickly and efficiently and which can be adapted to changed or new requirements at a short notice.


The specialized application includes a number of modules, including master data and batch management. All important processes for issuing vaccines are supported, as well as ongoing inventory control, taking into account deadlines and triggering repeat orders (set of rules).


The affected population is informed about stored vaccination schedules by means of mailings (e.g. partial vaccinations/refresher vaccinations for TBE, influenza vaccination for defined age groups). Vaccination passports, vaccination data on individuals are managed; the vaccination schedules have a set of rules stored in them, which can also cover other medical requirements.
The solution also includes a billing module for the vaccinations themselves, as well as for the physicians and vaccination assistants who perform the vaccinations.

The specialized application and its data are stored in a secure manner.


Typical components.
Vaccination Database

  • Master data management for contacts/persons
  • Management of vaccine including ordering and storage (batch management)
  • Creation of vaccination schedules
  • Appointment management for each vaccination center
  • Distribution of vaccine and execution of vaccinations
  • Logging of all procedures
  • Creation of vaccination passports
  • Evaluations
  • Comparison with third-party systems (including central registration system) or import of vaccination data
  • Communication with citizens, including invitations for vaccination appointments
  • Billing of vaccinations, including invoicing (PDF)
  • Document creation and filing
  • Word templates
  • GDPR, security roles, access protection, encryption
  • Responsive design (browser, tablet, smartphone)
  • High level of configurability (attributes, forms, lists, relations, etc)

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